Video Animation

Spectacular, riveting, and awe-inspiring Video Animation that enchants viewers, transforms prospects into clients and clients into fans.

As a leading video production company, our media prodigies design engaging content customized to fit your product role effectively. We know how it’s done.

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Video Animation

Your Emotions In Motion
Everybody has a story to tell. Yours is considerably more remarkable than you know. Your purchasers need to know you. They need to see your excellence. Our animators connect you with endless possibilities and transform them into moving and breathing masterpieces!
We are known as market prodigies in corporate video production. Get ready to have your minds blown by our ingenious screencast video models. Product layouts are very important which is why we tend to create high-performance and brand-authentic video animations that influence and inspire the masses. Let us handle your business.
  • Promotional Design
  • Video Design
  • Web Design

Video Animation

Whether we are outsourcing explainer or corporate video production service, we follow a simple yet highly efficient animation production process behind it:











Voice Over




OTA has ideas for YOU

Video Animation is an integral tool that helps you vividly imagine and grasp the specific idea of a film, animated feature, advertisement, or production. Connect with an award-winning animation outsourcing company and lift your ROI with wholeheartedly engaging video production services.

Video animation has never been so easy. We are dedicated to bringing a sound and flawless experience to your video development experience with us.

We are an Explainer Video Company with a team of innovative animators always trying to go out of the way to help our customers. And we pride ourselves in creating wonders for you.


    Motion Graphics

    Play with pictorial objectives and creative edits to furnish astounding motion graphics for your viewers.

    We are well-known as a prolific animation outsourcing company, and we are here to give you a productive contemporary experience.

  • Text, chart, and symbol
  • Complementing Background Audio
  • Illusion of motion

    Character Animation

    Utilizing great animation modeling skills to bring character, feeling, and expression into otherwise lifeless animated characters.

    Don’t look elsewhere for your video animation needs. Our bunch of animation services are unmatched and on-point. We are a video production company with the best animators providing customized and distinctive video animations and production designs globally.

  • Animation techniques
  • Creative storyboard characters
  • Suitable background & music

    Screen Cast

    Walk viewers through your newly launched product or service with splendid and swanky-looking Screencast animation service
    As an explainer video company, we offer a wide variety of video animation services globally. Tired of moving around in circles, we are here to give you your dream screencast video services packed with sweet little wonders that add to your animation needs.
  • Scripted recordings
  • Import narration & music
  • Green screen filter

Video Animation

Introducing Outsource To Asia new pricing packages.

2D Character

USD - $400 /30 sec

  • Concept & Script Writing
  • Voice Overs
  • Themes
  • Story Board
  • Animation

2D Motion Graphics

USD - $400 /30 sec

  • Concept & Script Writing
  • Voice Overs
  • Themes
  • Story Board
  • Animation


USD - $300 /30 sec

  • Concept & Script Writing
  • Voice Overs
  • Themes
  • Story Board
  • Animation

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Beyondant has been pleased to have entered into a joint venture with Outsource To Asia. The JV provides offshore resources as an augmentation to our US back office departments. OTA's CEO Usman Naveed has the focus and acumen needed in today's business climate to help organizations grow to new heights.

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My digital marketing business as grown faster than expected causing me troubles finding quality employees supporting our growth. When I found out about OTA I had to give them a shot in supporting my team. They have met every expectation and been there every step of the way. Quality work and Quality service 24/7!

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